Every client is unique and has different individual needs.
You choose what you are most comfortable with or something in between.


The first step of the process is always a two hour consultation. 

Each consultation is different and unique, according to your needs.  

During a typical consultation, we come to your home, give you lots of ideas, take notes and measurements if needed, and we can even e-mail all of this to you before we leave.  We can brainstorm together to discover your design style, and sometimes even select the furniture pieces or decor needed and airdrop or e-mail you these ideas at the end of our meeting.  We can also come up with an estimated budget and a general gameplan on how to move forward to make your space exactly how you want it.  

Other types of consultations

 Paint Selection – Picking paint colors and leaving you with paint swatches, getting you in touch with painters we know well and have used often. 

Construction Notes – Helping you decide which updates you should do to a dated home before you move in or just after you’ve moved.  Getting you in touch with contractors we know well and have used often (see below for more information on construction services & remodeling).

 Layout Help – Maybe you have a weird space that you can’t figure out.  We can take measurements and do a floorplan to help solve crazy design issues.  Depending on how the consultation unfolds & what your home needs, we have even been known to move furniture around for a whole new look by the time we leave.

Finish Selection – Helping choose a finish you can’t decide on.  If you’ve gone everywhere and brought home samples of everything but just can’t decide, we can help!  This also can solve household arguments and standoffs.  This can include but is not limited to flooring, cabinets, backsplashes, etc.  If we feel that there is something better out there than what you have found, we’ll let you know and give you ideas about where to look, or we could schedule an appointment to meet and select them.

 For many our clients, the consultation is all they need - someone to listen, let them know the direction to go, and bounce ideas off of.

Full Package

"Make It Pretty!"

Are you obsessed with those design shows on TV?  This option is the best way to achieve the joy and shock of the transformation! 

After the consultation, you simply turn it over to us and we take care of everything.  We come up with the design concept to make sure you love the direction, then shop for you, plan an installation day, and set it all up.  Voila!  

Caution:  Usually ends in one or more of the following: squealing, clapping, jumping, running around, gasping, hugging, and on occasion, tears of joy!  

Think HGTV meets real life.

Other Services

Here are some other ways clients have used our services:

Regular Meetings

These meetings are for people who love to shop and do it mostly themselves, but need help pulling it together.   We have a 2 hour minimum for in person appointments, but this option every couple of months can be valuable in helping you continually move forward with your project over time.


Once we know the scope of your project, we can help you select your materials and go through the project with your contractor.  Once materials are selected, we can put together a specification package for your contractor and provide a floor plan, drawings and diagrams to show design intent.  We are not a high-end, full service design-build firm, so we don't manage large ground-up construction projects, but if you need help picking the materials, and putting together the ideas, working on coordinating appointments with contractors, etc. we can help with all of that and take the pressure off your remodel by ensuring that you make the right decisions the first time!

Shopping Trips

If you feel like you need some help shopping, we can come along.  We select furniture, pillows, artwork, and accessories together.  After shopping, we set an appointment to come back to your house and help place everything so it looks just right.

This is a good way to go if you are very hands on and have strong opinions about each item.  However, in our experience, we have seen that sometimes clients can get in their own way and not see the big picture, which is why you’re bringing someone in for help in the first place!  We do prefer to shop for large, personal pieces of furniture (like sofas) together before we move on to the next phase of design. 


Do I have to design my whole house? 

We can work with you one room at a time or we can do a consultation through your whole house.  Some people want to shop on their own, and appreciate the whole house consultation so they can get ideas in every room.  Others would like to focus on one or two spaces first to make sure we are the right fit.  We are flexible and happy to work in any way that makes you feel comfortable with the process. 

How much does interior design cost? 

We charge a small consultation fee and then an hourly rate for design, shopping and installation of your new goods.  We do not add a percentage to items purchased because when we find a good deal, we believe it should stay that way!  Additionally, if we are purchasing items for you, we pass along our designer discount (which can be anywhere from free shipping to 20% off) to give you added value to our service.  

What is the difference between Interior Design and Decorating? 

Interior Designers should be qualified to coordinate large construction projects, high-end design and project management, large scale floorplans, remodeling, and finally decor.  We have degrees in this and we offer some of these services, however, we have the most fun helping regular people decorate existing spaces on a budget. 

How long does it take? 

It depends on the scale of your project.  If there is construction or remodeling involved, it's best to take care of materials selections, contractor meetings, and the remodel before we come back with the rest of the design.  

If the project is mainly furniture and decor, our projects start to finish are typically 6-8 weeks.  If you're remodeling, the construction can take be anywhere from 8 weeks to several months, depending on the scope of your project.

We look forward to working with you!