Do I have to design my whole house? 

We can work with you one room at a time or we can do a consultation through your whole house.  Some people want to shop on their own, and appreciate the whole house consultation so they can get ideas in every room.  Others would like to focus on one or two spaces first to make sure we are the right fit.  We are flexible and happy to work in any way that makes you feel comfortable with the process. 

How much does interior design cost? 

We charge a small consultation fee and then an hourly rate for design, shopping and installation of your new goods.  We do not add a percentage to items purchased because when we find a good deal, we believe it should stay that way!  We work with renters and home owners alike.

What is the difference between Interior Design and Decorating? 

Interior Designers should be qualified to coordinate large construction projects, high-end design and project management, large scale floorplans, remodeling, and finally decor.  We have degrees in this, however, we have more fun helping regular people like you decorate existing spaces on a budget.  

How long does it take? 

This is really up to you and it depends on the scale of your project.  We can usually schedule a consultation or shopping date within the first week of contact.  If you have a budget set aside, we can probably find most items within a few days or weeks.  If you need to spread out your budget based on paydays, etc., we can shop accordingly.  If you have custom work done (pillows, upholstery, etc.), or something custom ordered, it can take 4-6 weeks for these items to get completed.  Once we have a direction, we work fast and find it important to be respectful of your time.