Jennifer Verruto, President

Jen believes that good design should be available to everyone!  She loves helping everyday people transform their homes into beautiful, practical living spaces within an approachable budget. 

Before becoming a Designer, Jen received a degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. While Anthropology stimulated her fascination with varying cultures, and Psychology explored the area of social work, both were lacking the creative outlet she yearned for.  She seized the opportunity to move to Macerata, Italy to study Italian art and learn the language while being submerged in the culture. She soon began to realize that her passions for both design and helping people could culminate in an exciting career.   

After moving to San Diego, she enrolled in design school where it became apparent that design was in her nature as she graduated with top honors while simultaneously working at a high profile model home design firm. Over the following eight years she additionally dabbled in closet design, kitchen re-facing, upholstery, and professional real estate staging. 

By far, the most important outcome of these cumulative experiences was her realization that she wanted to design on a more personal level.  Through her extensive experience in these many different aspects of the industry, she has refined a keen design eye for color and layout and an ability to work with a wide array of clientele and design tastes.  And while high-end remodels and model homes were interesting, she prefers the joy and ease of the collaboration with clients who are budget conscious but who need help sprucing up their spaces. 

Sarah Kaplan, Designer

Sarah has always had a connection to interior spaces and loves how a space can change the way a person feels and thinks depending on what’s surrounding them.  That feeling of "wow" when seeing something new and intriguing is what inspires her the most.  For Sarah, trying to achieve this is her art.

In order to pursue her passion with helping people create beautiful environments and to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a designer, she attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.  Upon her graduation, she decided to move back to her home town of San Diego, where she has worked in model homes and residential design.  She has found that she thrives on helping clients create beautiful spaces that make their lives happier and more productive. 

Tasha Estes, Designer & Purchasing Coordinator

Natasha always wanted to be a designer, even before she knew what the term was. As a child, she would wake up and organize her (already tidy) closet on the weekends. Intrigued by her roommate’s textbook, she first graduated with an Anthropology degree from the University of Arizona. Fascinated by how people use space, and the psychological connections to space, she continued to help her friends and family set up their homes in a functional and beautiful way.

Post college, she moved to Australia and volunteered with diversional therapists. Afterwards, she worked in the financial sector in San Francisco, but her heart still ached to professionally pursue design. In 2010, she moved to San Diego, and not soon after, she graduated with Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Design Institute of San Diego. Now she’s living the dream, loving her sunshine, design-filled days in San Diego.

Karla Middleton, Project Coordinator

Karla was raised in Alaska and from a young age loved construction.  While growing up her parents were constantly remodeling their home and involved the kids in anything that was safe to do. They would often have helmets on and a hammer in hand “helping”.

After finishing high school, Karla moved to San Diego to escape the cold & persue her passion for design. She attended Design Institute of San Diego and obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design.  After completing that degree, she enrolled at New School of Architecture + Design where she completed the Master’s of Architecture program in 2010.  Since finishing up her schooling, she has been involved in model home design, high-end custom residential, production home design & small residential remodels. The tiny details that most don’t even think about are most important to Karla. She enjoys being on the construction site fielding any questions, making sure the project is going smoothly and is upholding the design intent. She enjoys seeing the progress of a project, from the first shovel of dirt until the last finishing touch with that perfect accessory.


Stephanie Abbott, Designer

Stephanie knew from a young age she wanted to be an Interior Designer when she asked her parents to put casters on her furniture to make rearranging her bedroom furniture easier.   It's still one of her favorite things to do when she goes on a consultation - to show how a room can instantly transform with a few tweaks. 

Stephanie's first bachelors degree in Communication from San Diego State University makes her a natural at listening to clients and understanding their goals for a happy home.  Her second degree, a BFA in Interior Design from Design Institute of San Diego, gives her the qualification to design and create environments that are both useful and beautiful.