Tasha Estes

Designer & Purchasing Coordinator

Natasha always wanted to be a designer, even before she knew what the term was. As a child, she would wake up and organize her (already tidy) closet on the weekends. Intrigued by her roommate’s textbook, she first graduated with an Anthropology degree from the University of Arizona. Fascinated by how people use space, and the psychological connections to space, she continued to help her friends and family set up their homes in a functional and beautiful way.

Post college, she moved to Australia and volunteered with diversional therapists. Afterwards, she worked in the financial sector in San Francisco, but her heart still ached to professionally pursue design. In 2010, she moved to San Diego, and not soon after, she graduated with Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Design Institute of San Diego. Now she’s living the dream, loving her sunshine, design-filled days in San Diego.